Sunday, May 1, 2011


So at first I completely missed the metaphor in the pencil story. I was more focused on how he talked about the focus on test scores and how to find a solution. I knew a metaphor was there, but I didn't completely get it. After I reread it, I caught the metaphor. I think for me metaphors can be tricky because I read into things so much.

I had never really considered how often I use metaphors. After listening out for metaphors, I have most often heard ones such as: "it's raining cats and dogs", "beat around the bush", "to break the ice",and a few others.

I guess a lot of attention was never really brought to metaphors in my classes growing up. We learned the definition and a few other uses of them, but never really focused on how they were used in real life.

I think metaphors are used more often than we know. People use metaphors to make stories more entertaining. I know one big problem I had as a kid was confusing metaphors and similes. Hopefully as a future educator I can help make metaphors more clear.


At first I made my PLN more trouble than it was worth. Now I love it! It keeps me so organized and has made this class so much easier. I feel like this is something that I will continue to use even after the class is over. It places everything right at my fingertips. It also helps to remind me of all the sites I should be watching. A PLN is a great way to keep yourself in order. I'm adding a link to a website that I found very useful during my PLN experience. It also shares the PLNs of many educators.

Cheetahs Final Project

We made a screen recording of us teaching how to make this glogster. I am still working on getting the link to it.

C4T Summary

I commented on Kim Cofino's blog over the past two weeks. She only made one post. It was about how she and her husband just happened to be in the midst of crises all over the world. They were in Japan for the tsunami, were victims of the earthquake, and various other issues across the world. She spoke about how amazing it was that they were always okay. When you read about all of the problems that they encountered, it really was amazing that they survived all of the problems they came into.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

C4K Summary 4/25

I have learned so much from the kids in my past months C4K. These kids have all gotten a little deeper into using their blogs. I especially love to see how well they are doing using their three point steps. They all seem very excited to have really accomplished quality comments. On this weeks blog, I got to see an interaction between a mother and her child. I found it very inspiring how involved this parent was in her student's learnings. If only we could encourage all parents to be this motivating! I have learned how to make more quality comments by reading this months C4K. What are some of your favorite aspects to our C4K assignments and how could this help you in your future classrooms? For me, I feel that it will help me to stay on key with my students, and will keep the class excited about learning. I hope that you all have gotten as much out of these assignments as I have.

Blog Post 13

ALEX was absolutely amazing to me! It would be incredibly helpful to teachers. I especially liked the section of lesson plans. You can choose the subject, grade, and other areas. It allows teachers to use quality lessons with out the time consumption of making them. Just from being in college I have learned how time consuming lesson plans can be.

I also liked the link to the course of study. In Alabama, there are certain standards that an educator must meet for every grade level. This places those standards right at the teachers' fingertips. There is also a section that gives web links to help the students and teachers. Overall, I can definitely see how ALEX can be very beneficial to educators.

Access learning is another web tool available in Alabama. Access allows more courses to be offered to more schools. It's similar to an online class, but more interactive. At many sites students get to join classes from across the country. It is a huge step in learning.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Post 12

I would like to find a way to make facebook more useful for an educator. I am not sure how we could do this so maybe we could create an assignment for students to experiment with facebook and give feedback.
This week I am posting my status as "How is facebook educationally beneficial to you?" The assignment would be to make this your status and give a blogpost based on the feedback you received. This would help future educators see different opinions of educators all over facebook. I know I have personally used facebook as a great tool in many of my classes as the students will form a group and have discussions about class. I am currently posting this as my status and will give feedback as the week goes on.

Progress Report on Final Project

My final project is a collaborative project using Glogster. I will be working with Carol Perez. We are going to use Screenr to record us making a Glogster. I am very excited to see the results.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post 11

Ms. Cassidy has such as fun approach to technology in her classroom. Her students must really enjoy learning in this environment. She seems to really care about her students and wants them to be the best they can be. She in very adamant in them being up to date and never left behind. She even refers to anything less as "handicapping" the children. How true that is! Why give your students less than the best!? She understands that you must change with the times.
I think that like most of the teacher's blogs we have read in this class, she is a great example as to how a teacher should be. She wants her class to be updated and their absolute best. I hope that as an educator I can use these same approaches to create a fun learning environment. Kids today are so different than kids ten years ago. Therefore education must also be different. I plan to be the teacher who keeps my classroom engaged, much like Ms. Cassidy.

Special Assignment Mr. McClung

1. By viewing Mr. Clung's blog, I feel that he really likes to "put the ball in the student's hands" so to speak. They really have a lot of control as to how they manipulate the blog. He is also very organized.
2. As an educator, he seems that he really wants his students to stay updated. He seems to push them harder than most teachers would. He is very modern.
3. His rules aren't necessarily your typical grade school rules. He gives his students a lot of trust and credit. I think this is a pretty smart classroom management. He doesn't pour rules over them; he just ask that they listen carefully. What a great idea!
4.  The day planner was the first thing listed. This is such an important tool because it teaches organization!
5. Mr. Clung is pretty strict on his students. This is actually pretty similar to Dr. Strange on a smaller scale. It definitely keeps his class in line.
6. He obviously is in his career for the right reason. While I couldn't get my comment on his blog to submit, I would like to tell him that his love for his students is to be admired. He is very organized and keeps his class updated.
7.  I first chose the plagiarism checker. I have actually heard of a similar tool before. It is neat and important because it teaches the class how serious it is to steal someone else's work.
I also investigated the twitter link. I think this was more of a fun link, but also very useful. It made a type of newspaper from the twitter account.
8. I thought his rules were pretty thorough. He pointed out some serious points to the children without scaring them. I would leave his rules as is.
9. I read the post on Egypt. I loved how the students were staying so involved in current events.
10.  To be honest, I had a hard time finding some things on his blog even though it was so organized. It was so detailed and more advanced than blogger. It would take me some time to learn to use his blog.
11. He made it useful to his parents by adding polls and such to answer questions about whether or not they are coming to events and such. It also keeps everyone updated on what's going on in the classroom.
12.  It is so advanced. I never felt like I was reading a child's blog. I honestly felt behind while looking through their webpage.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post 10

 I actually agree with many of the comments in this video. The price for institutionalized learning is outrageous! I have many books that I pay hundreds of dollars for and never even open. And what makes that even worse is that just like he said, I could find better information about that same subject online for free. I also agree that some lectures and facts poured into our minds in class are useless. I often feel as though I am wasting my time and not actually learning beneficial things.

Saying that, I must now add that I think he is a little extreme. I would never drop out of school simply because in today's world you have to be certified in order to have certain careers. I admire him for taking a stand, but it would be hard for many to do this.

I agree that the world is changing whether we like it or not. We might as well change with it so we aren't left in the past. I do like being in college because it informs me of different things offered. For example, there are lots of pieces of technology I wouldn't have known existed if it wasn't for EDM 310.

As for the article on the pencils, I found it rather amusing. It actually had a good message. As teachers, we should focus on finding a solution rather that meditating on a problem. I also liked the message it had on standardized testing. So many teachers are worried about test scores rather than the actual learning of a child. In today's school system that is easy to do. Many teachers' jobs depend on their ability to "teach the test". This is a sad but realistic system. This makes educators jobs a little harder. In the end, we must focus on the child and not the test.

C4T Summary 4/3

I have been commenting on a man named Jabiz's blog. It has definitely been the most unique blog I've read. 
My reaction to the first blog was what an inspirational blog! I loved the quote “Because this feeling of terror when allowed to simmer resembles joy. This bubbling anxiety is a fine reminder that you are alive.” It is such a deep yet simple thought. Sometimes you have to risk being embarrassed in order to reach your fullest capability. What a great message! He is very talented.
I have to say of all of the blogs I have read this semester this one caught my attention. I am very new to so many aspects of technology. I just started blogging and tweeting, so there’s not much to be found about me online yet. I’m trying to work on that now though so don’t worry. I find his openness very different and interesting. It is such a great way to help people learn. I have to admit that I personally am not totally open to exposing a lot about me online, however once again I am working on that as well. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Teach Someone Something

This was a presentation I made for another class using some of the skills I've learned in EDM310. I taught my MA201 Fractional division. This was a challenge to me because I've always be best at math. Therefore, it was hard for me to break down numbers for those who couldn't understand. I know that this will definitely be a challenge for me as a teacher, but I am working on it. Since giving this presentation, I have shown a few classmates how to use google presentation. They all agreed that this was much easier than trying to convert Powerpoint of Apple's Keynote to a compatible form. Through this project I taught math to the class via google presentation, as well as teaching classmates to use this type of presentation.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blog Post 9

I loved everything he said in his post! He made so many great points about the student teacher relationship. I shared with him how I currently tutor students around the city and one of the biggest issues I have seen is the student's frustration. So many times the students do not reach the classes set goal or expectations for things, and in return they feel dumb or like failures. This then kills their desire to learn at all. How sad...I would hate for any child to lose that desire at such a young age. I also admire his thoughts of having a relationship where students feel as though you care about them. I know there has always been controversy over what student teacher relationship is appropriate, however, I feel that allowing the student to feel like they can talk to you is perfectly okay. I liked the way he set up his post in a do and don't manner. It gives you a straight and easy way of using his tips. I can definitely see myself having a hard time trying not to be too controlling. I have always liked for things to go smoothly; however, I know that realistically this is not always the case. You just have to remember that you are doing this for the students and you must adapt to fit them. Overall, I really enjoyed reading his thoughts on his first year of teaching.

C4K March Summary

To start off I would like to reiterate the fact that I love C4K! It is definitely my favorite part of this course. I love to hear their thoughts and questions on things. Week 4 I commented on a fifth grades story about her cat. The nest week I commented on a sixth graders poll. She wanted to know what some of my "favorites" were. She also asked for suggestions on more "favorites" questions to ask. I told her maybe a favorite book or movie. My last comment fell on a teachers blog requesting her students to write on a second graders blog and give her their reaction. I very much enjoyed reading what students thought about other student's blogs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post 8

This is How We Dream/Teach: The first video I watched began by talking about the traditional way of learning. It showed a library and books. It spoke of publishing paper copies and other traditional things. The speaker talked about the disvalue of these items by saying that one of his documents in now for sale on Amazon for only a few cents. Then he speaks of a new way for learning: Multimedia.

One great part of this multimedia is that it is never checked out and can therefore be shared always. He calls it "Sharing knowledge infinitely". How incredible! Now not only can we learn by sight, but we can learn by many other senses as well. Print, sound and visual learnings can all be combined into only one document.

The speaker gives a great quote when speaking on becoming a multimedia teacher. "This is the idea to push forward our learning. Why wouldn't we be on the front line for that?" What a great point! I feel that I am on the fast track to being able to teach multimedia. Then my students will also be able to use multimedia to its fullest.

I absolutely loved the EDM310 for Dummies video! I have felt exactly like this for most of the semester. As funny as it may sound, I think this book would actually make a fortune. This was such a great idea for a student video. I like the idea of creating videos to help future classes. Maybe even a video with step by step instructions on how to do some of the more tricky projects.

Learning to Change: While some of their arguments such as students collecting useful data from their cell phones, sms, facebook, and other social networks are a little extreme; I feel that they have a valid point. Right now I don't think students are using these things to learn. I am a college student and only recently started using these as educational tools. The key is teaching kids to make these things educational and useful. Why not revamp the status quo classroom? If we don't we will lose the coming generations.

The Secret Powers of Time/What Motivates Us: It is amazing how much influence time has on our daily lives. I know I for one am very guilty of at times letting time run my life. But how does time affect education? I think the way our system is currently set up creates such a deadline attitude for teachers which makes students in my opinion less likely to retain what they learn. I know from talking to current teachers that they say one of their biggest issues are time. They have so many standards they have to meet by a certain time that students miss some key ideas. In America, according to this video, a child drops out of school every 9 seconds. Wow! How sad! Maybe we should do something to try and help these kids.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smart Project

*Our Flipcam died, so we had to use my phone. This made the video a little dark and quiet. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

I must say after doing this project that I am no longer a huge Smartboard fan. I definitely see the advantages of interaction in the classroom, but the time put into making a good Smart lesson is exceptionally long. Once in the teaching field it would be hard to create lessons like this on a weekly or even daily bases. This is where sites such as smart exchange would be very beneficial.
We also had a few technical problems trying to set up the project which could create problems in the classroom. Overall, I feel our project went well other than those few things. I love the idea of Smart in the classroom. I'm just not sure how efficient it is.


Form results currently posted on my partner, Carol Perez's blog page.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog Post 7

In 2007, Randy Pausch gave a speech at Carnegie Mellon University. It was a lecture on achieving your childhood dreams. This became his final lecture. It is now a famous lecture that has been transformed into a book. At the beginning of his lecture, Pausch announced that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had few months to live as his pancreatic cancer was quickly spreading.

Pausch did not come into this lecture gloomily. He took it as his last opportunity to really influence people. He wanted to teach people how to really live and get the most out of life. He began his lecture by remembering his childhood dreams. He talked about the obstacles that keep you from achieveing those dreams. He also discussed those who help make those dreams possible. It is not those who look past your mistakes and baby you, but those who stop you when you make mistakes and help you.

I saw a reoccurring theme of dreams. He viewed dreams as being attainable once we learn to overcome our "walls". He obviously had a deep passion for his students as he discusses his desire to help them discover their dreams, and then to fulfill them. He begins to discover his own dreams on his journey with his students. He wants them to live their lives to the fullest just as he did in his last days.

Randy Pausch's last lecture was extremely inspirational. He was not gloomy or down in his speech. HIs enthusiasm for life flowed throughout his words and manner. He wanted his students as well as his two young children that his speech was written for to live out their dreams. He lived the life in his last days that we should all strive to live everyday. He was such an inspiration and would have been a joy to have met. I feel that his last lecture will be one that will be remembered and passed down for generations to come.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First PLN Report

For my PLN I chose to use the Symbaloo website. I have found that this is an easy and resourceful way to keep up with my different websites and learning tools. It also allows me to keep up with leisure sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I am still a little unsure as to all of the things that can be done to make my PLN its absolute best. Right now, I am still learning to maneuver around this network. I am sure in time I will become more fluent in the ways of Symbaloo. If anyone has any suggestions or comments on how to make my PLN more useful feel free to leave a comment.

Short Movie Project


C4T Summary 3/6

I followed Ms Jenny She for the past two weeks. She was by far my favorite blog I've followed so far. Her first week's post was very inspirational. It was a video with a story about starfish and a child. I loved the thought of never giving up on a child. You never know what a difference you are making in the lives of others. I have heard the startfish story before, and it still gives me chills to read. As an future educator, I know there will be days when I will become flustered and want to give up, but the thought of making a difference in one child's life is enough to keep me going. Her second weeks post was a comical video about the release of the Ipad 2. I am amazed at how quickly Apple can release these new products. I would love to own one in order to use it to enhance my classroom.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Timetoast 9B

Blog Post 6

The Networked Student-I found this video to be extremely interesting. In just five minutes, we get a good glimpse at what a 21st century teacher should know. It teaches you the idea of "the networked student". I liked How it showed all the different resources the student used. If we could learn to utilize all that was available to us, we could then teach our students how to be productive in a 21st century classroom.

I found myself taking notes on all of the websites referred to in the video. I saw the use of Delicious, Google Scholar, ItunesU, Skype, and many more. Until this semester, I had very little knowledge of most of the sites. I also liked that he utilized other students blogs as well as his own much like we are learning to do in this class.

Lastly, I liked how it talked about a teachers role in this student's life. It referred to her as a "modeler", "architect", and "synthesizer". I especially liked how it brought up the point that she praised him when he discovered something new. This use of info management was also very helpful. I hope that I am on my way to becoming a teacher of a networked student.

The PLE was so cool!! The fact that it was made by a 7th grade student was amazing. I took some good ideas from her PLE. It was so organized and useful.

Smart Board
argument for smart
I feel that smartboards are incredibly useful. They are much more interactive than a regular marker board. They are so useful and really get the kids involved.

Comments for kids month 1

My first week of C4K I commented on a little girl's blog about a funny story dealing with cats. I responded with my own experience of some silly situations with my sister's cat.
My second week I helped a 5th grade boy decide on some ideas for his science project. He really wanted to win, so I gave him some websites with goos ideas as well as some advice from personal experience.
My third week, I commented on a boy's blog about his basketball team. This was easy to relate to as my dad coaches a little boy's basketball team. I also congratulated the child on his team's success.

Comments for kids month 1

My first week of C4K I commented on a little girl's blog about a funny story dealing with cats. I responded with my own experience of some silly situations with my sister's cat.
My second week I helped a 5th grade boy decide on some ideas for his science project. He really wanted to win, so I gave him some websites with goos ideas as well as some advice from personal experience.
My third week, I commented on a boy's blog about his basketball team. This was easy to relate to as my dad coaches a little boy's basketball team. I also congratulated the child on his team's success.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Post 5

I was absolutely intrigued by the children's podcast on "Eagle's Nest Radio and Class Blog". The kids were so animated! I loved their podcast on Rome. They seemed very excited about what they were learning. I love that their teacher is teaching them to use this technology at such a young age.

In "100 Ways to Use Your ipod and Learn to Study Better" I learned so many useful tips for my ipod. I loved the use of the ipod for lesson plans. This would be so beneficial for a teacher who liked to stay organized by using technology. I also liked the reference to itunesU. This is actually the topic my group used for our podcast. I learned so many interesting things about how beneficial this site can be for students of all ages.

The Education Podcasting Network is such a useful site. It has many different podcast from educators all over the country. This gives educators an opportunity to seek ideas from teachers outside of their own school.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wordle blog 4

Wordle: Wordle 3

Blog Post 4

1. Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff: I absolutely loved this article. So many people are against teaching children to use technology; because, they are unsure of how to properly use it themselves. Yes there are hazards to online use, but that is why you monitor your child. I for one completely agree with the author in the sense that his children will definitely have a "leg up" in the future.

2. The iSchool Initiative: This high school student was very bright in his idea to form this "ischool". His basic idea is to eliminate many everyday items from our schools such as: paper, pens, pencils, books, etc and replace them with technology. To be more specific, he thinks we chould replace them with an itouch. He argues that there are currently enough apps available to have the ischool ready now.
I have mixed feelings on this plan. I like the idea of replacing many costly items with easy and cheaper technology. I also like the idea of being more environmentally friendly. I do however think there are some things that are still useful in a less modern classroom. I had a class last semester that only had an online book. The book was hard to maneuver and much harder to study. I couldn't highlight or mark pages as easily as I can with a tangible book. Of course this was just my personal experience with these online books; I am sure some people thought they were more useful.

3. The Lost Generation: As corny as it may sound, this video actually gave me chills. I completely agree that if our generation continues to let things happen the way that they are now, that our future may be dim. The idea that we can kill some of the current social norms and bring society back to what it should be gives me much hope. I found it so interesting how she read the entire thing backwards and it gave a completely different thought. This was one of my favorite videos so far.

4. Virtual Choir: Wow! I was amazed by this. For anyone who has ever been in a choir, you already know that it is difficult to create this kind of harmony in person. This was just amazing. The use of technology made this video come to life creating a very successful and beautiful song.

5. Teaching in the 21st Century: There were some deep thoughts throughout this video. To me, teaching in the 21st century means so much more than teaching in the "olden days". There is so much more to teach kids now. Yes kids of this generation are generally exposed to technology outside of school, but they do not know how to properly use many things. We as teachers shouldn't just expect kids to know how to use technology. It is our job to teach them. I liked some of the points that were brought up such as the idea that we do not need to just regurgitate classical learning to our students. We need to teach them something new!

My Sentence Movie

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Post 3

1. In the first video "A Vision of Students Today" I felt that there were many similarities to my life as a college student. I especially felt myself agreeing with the spill about text books. I am on a book scholarship from the University, and it still doesn't always cover my expenses. The most irritating part of this is that many of my professors never even use the books we are required to buy!
I am a busy college student who works part time and goes to class. The only difference I see in myself from this video is the time management. I live on a very scheduled calendar and have little time to just sit around. For the most part this video hits pretty close to home

2. The second post was "It's Not About the Technology". I found this post very interesting. I thought she brought about some very interesting points to think about. I loved her four important things concept. I always say a tacher must first be a learner, so I completely agreed with her on this thought. In order to educate children, one must be continuously learning.

I also liked her point that technology is useless without a good teacher. What is the good in having technology if no one knows how to use it? I think that teachers need to stay as updated as possible in order to take full advantage of the things new technology has to offer.

3. The third post was "Is It Okay to be Technologically Illiterate?" I found myself agreeing a lot with Mr. Fisch throughout this post. I absolutely think that one main reason that so many people are technologically illiterate is out of pure laziness. Many people have no desire to put forth any effort in order to learn something new.

Another reason people are technologically illiterate is because many people do not like new approaches to things. They are perfectly happy with old teaching methods and see no need for improvement. I think this is a sad approach to have, especially for educators. As teachers we should always be wanting to learn.

4.Finally, the last post "Social Media Count" showed some surprising statistics. It is amazing how quickly things become outdated. It can often be hard to stay up to date, but as educators it really is a necessity. I hope that in my upcoming years as an educator I am able to stay current and "in the know" in order to give my students the most useful advice.

Wordle: Wordle 2

C4T Summary 1

In the first week I introduced myself to Mr. Bryan Jackson, my assigned teacher for my C4T project. He is a teacher in gifted learning. In this weeks blog, he discussed his personal journey through education, and the ability to be totally plugged in yet completely left out. I commented by agreeing that although you may be plugged into every social network on the web, you may still feel alone and disconnected. It is amazing to me how one can be so engaged in so many intercommunications, yet not feel connected at all.

The second blog was a story of a girl who became a track runner and of the problems she faced. I found this piece to be very inspirational. It really does teach a great lesson of perseverance and strength. Most people truly are more capable than they even realize. The idea that “we are all in the same boat” is so very true. At some point in life we are all faced with trials. In the end it is not the trials that make a mark on your life, but the way you overcame that trial and what you learned from it.

Google Presentation 1

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Post 1

Hi, my name is Mandy. I have grown up in a small town on the far west outskirts of Mobile, called Wilmer, Al. My family built a new house when I was born, and we have lived there ever since. I now attend South Alabama where I also reside. I had always grown up where South was just the local college and nothing more. I had always wanted to attend a college in north Alabama until my senior year of high school. I began speaking with some of the advisors from South and decided that for my major, it was the right place for me. I am now majoring in Elementary and Special Education. The new program at South allows me to be certified in both areas without a double major. I have always had a passion for learning which I feel is a must have trait for all future educators. Although a teacher's first job is to teach the child, the teacher is always actively learning as well. I also have a love for children and am looking forward to hopefully being a great influence on many children's lives.

I am the baby of two; I have one older sister who is currently in law school. My parents have been married for twenty-six years and were high school sweethearts. My family fully backs my decision to go into education, and my mother has always said I had "the heart if a teacher". I like to be involved. I am a Sunday school teacher, dance teacher, and the new member educator of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority on campus. I am not very technologically literate so I look forward to this course.

Practice Post

My First Post